About the Money Card

VM Money Transfer is the money transfer service established by VMBS Money Transfer Services Limited (VMTS) to enable the transfer of money from the UK, Canada and the USA to Jamaica.

Do anything

Get cash, pay bills or go shopping. Get whatever you need with your VM Money Transfer Card.

Do it anytime

Access your remittances 24/7. No rushing to meet business hours, have funds sent directly to your VM Money Transfer Card and access your cash whenever you like. Take it all or leave some for later.

Do it anywhere

In addition to our agent locations, you can now use your VM Money Transfer Cards to withdraw cash islandwide at any ABM or Point of Sale (PoS) terminal on the Multilink network.

And do it securely

All this convenience would be for nothing if the system wasn't safe. We guarantee that your transactions are secured with the latest encryption standards so you can manage your money transfers without hassle or worry.

Apply for one today

Get your VM Money Transfer Card in a few quick steps at any Victoria Mutual branch location: