Direct to Bank Account

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Getting your money from overseas has never been this easy and convenient!

Tell your friends and family overseas to send money directly to your VMBS bank account using any of the Victoria Mutual Money Transfer partners below and you can get your cash from any multi-link ABM using your debit card. You can even use your debit card at any Point of Sale to make payments free of charge.


It’s easy! Ask your family or friends to select the Pay to Bank account option when sending money. Give them your VMBS bank account number and they can send online or from the location of choice. Once the money arrives you will get a text message to verify your transaction and the funds go straight to your account.


Authorization Form

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Participating Partners

XOOM, RIA, Xpress Money, Choice Money and NCS E-money services


Don’t Have a VMBS Savings Account?

For persons who do not currently have a savings account with Victoria Mutual Building Society (VMBS), visit any of our branches with the following:

• Valid Identification (Drivers license, passport, national ID)
• Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN)
• Proof of income (Job Letter or Payslip)
• Proof of address (Utility bill or Bank Statement)
• Minimum opening deposit (JMD$1000)
• Two references