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Send Money

Send remittances to your friends and family in Jamaica and/or cover your obligations with fast, safe and secure remittance services from Victoria Mutual Money Transfer.

Our worldwide partners

Worldwide VM Money Transfer services are available online through XOOM, World Remit, Ria and Remitly, VM Money Transfer's online money transfer partners. Customers can seamlessly transfer funds to Jamaica through the website.

Send Money via our Partners
Convenient locations throughout the 14 parishes

Receive Money

Customers have the flexibility and convenience to collect their funds at any Victoria Mutual Building Society branch or any Victoria Mutual Money Transfer Sub-agent islandwide.

Direct to Bank Account

Skip the line. Set up Direct to Bank Account today and experience one more easy way to collect your funds from overseas. Let's start.

Convenient Services

The VM Money Transfer Card

VM Money Transfer is the money transfer service established by VMBS Money Transfer Services Limited (VMTS) to enable the transfer of money from the UK, Canada and the USA to Jamaica. Interested in getting one for you or your loved ones? Let's start.

Deposit to any bank account

Direct deposit of remittances to any account at any finanical institution in Jamaica, which eliminates the need to leave home or stand in line.

Free SMS Messages

We will call or text the recipient - FREE - to let them know their funds are ready for collection.

Bill payments

We facilitate bill payment to a number of institutions islandwide, to ensure that your commitments remain on track. Bill payments are facilitated from the USA, Canada, Europe, The Cayman Islands and the Turks and Caicos.